Elagy is a digital distribution platform for insurance products. We distribute insurance products through our digitally-enabled retail and wholesale agencies.

Elagy’s analytics platform finds the best and most profitable route for each life and P&C insurance lead. This allows us to maximize return on marketing investment, improve risk selection and improve combined ratio.

  • Access more leads:

    Elagy cherry picks the best leads among thousands of customers shopping for life and P&C insurance each day

  • Seamless buying experience:

    Customers choose how they would like to interact and buy - online, call center, or local agents

  • Simplified digital-driven sales journey:

    Easy-to-use customer interface to simplify the application process

  • Automate underwriting:

    Utilize third party data and reflexive questions to create an immediate quote and ability to bind online

Digital Agency

Elagy’s insurance agencies sell policies through a direct to consumer retail channel as well as wholesale agent channels

  • The Elagy Solution

    Our platform can be utilized by carriers to build, manage and sell products with digital submission and automated underwriting.

    Our platform can be utilized by agents to acquire and prioritize leads more profitably

  • elagy dashboard

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