Digital distribution and analytics solutions delivering a more effective and efficient business model

Despite an ever-increasing set of insightful data and analytics capabilities and distribution models, insurers remain constrained.

  • elagy existing

    Existing Processes

    Insurers remain locked into traditional processes

  • elagy legacy

    Legacy Systems

    Legacy systems are not aligned with changing marketplace dynamics

  • elagy distribution

    Distribution Environment

    Required to work within the constraints of current distribution channels

  • elagy resources

    Resource Constrained

    Lack of data analytics expertise and limited technical resource availability

Insurance powered by a state-of-the-art digital platform

Provide a better risk profile of the optimal customer by incorporating disparate nontraditional data sets. Monetize the customer insights through cloud-based transaction processing, digital distribution, and access to new markets.

  • The Elagy Solution

    A Digital MGA and data insights platform, Elagy combines third-party and industry-leading data and digital distribution solutions to significantly improve revenue and profit through lower acquisition costs, more efficient processing and higher value customers.

  • elagy dashboard
elagy insights

Visualize Opportunities

Identify market opportunities unique to your strengths through advanced data and analytics; design products to meet demands.

Identify Customers

Target specific customers most likely to buy and drive them through new distribution channels.

elagy analytics
elagy pricing

Tailor Risks

Provide tools to underwriters allowing for greater accuracy in the selection and pricing of tailored risks.

New Markets

Expand beyond current distribution constraints and legacy technology—access alternative distribution channels to innovate, and test new products.

elagy markets
elagy policy

Policy Administration

Effectively manage customers and claims through the entire policy lifecycle with greater profitability.

Real-Time Performance

Track performance in the marketplace on a day-to-day basis with the ability to change course as needed.

elagy realtime

Imagine a more responsive and profitable business

Improved combined ratio; higher growth; more customer centric

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